Here Are The Top 5 Things You Should Do After A Car Accident

Things can be chaotic after an accident and it is important that you know what to do to protect your rights and preserve your claims. Here are the top 5 things that you should do immediately after you are in a car accident:

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1.  Dial 911 to call the police to the scene of the accident to make a formal report.  This report will document that date, time and location of the accident and will further provide details of how the accident occurred from all parties involved and any witnesses.  The report will also document important information like vehicle owner information, insurance information and driver violations.

2.  Gather evidence at the scene for yourself if you are physically able such as photos of the accident scene and damaged vehicles, exchanging insurance information with the other drivers involved and identifying any witnesses to the accident by name, address and telephone number.

3.  Seek medical attention at the scene or soon after the accident.  Sometimes you may not feel the affects of any injuries at the scene of the accident and they present themselves a few days later.  At any time that you feel that you are injured after an accident, it is important to document those injuries by seeking medical treatment and continuing with medical treatment as prescribed by your treating physician.

4.  Contact us as soon as possible.  It is important to discuss your accident with an injury attorney as soon as possible after the accident.  We can began collecting evidence and notifying the insurance companies of your intention to file a claim.  All you have to do is undergo your treatment and heal.  We will take care of the rest.

5.  Never talk to the insurance company without your lawyer.  It is in your best interest that insurance companies are communicating with someone who knows the law regarding your claim.  Your lawyer will assist you in communicating with insurance companies in a manner that will not comprimise your claim.  As the saying goes...anything you say can be used against you.  The insurance company is interested in paying you the least amount possible to resolve your claim and the easiest way to accomplish that is without your lawyer.

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